Welcome to Herf.io! Herf.io started out as the cigar auction tracking system known as bidhistory last year. As usage of BidHistory grew we had extended beyond the original code-base and have switched to a more flexible system to not only handle bid tracking and analytics, but also lay the groundwork for a cloud-based humidor and humidity tracking tool.

We apologize for the fairly barren homepage at the moment, as the current code-base is under a lot of active development and we haven't decided on what should go here yet.


This is the auction tracking and analytics tool. Currently tracking auctions from Cigarbid, Cigar Auctioneer, and Cigar Monster, we mine the auctions, price, type, etc. and then give you a simple and intuitive interface into that data.


This is the humidor temperature and humidity tracker. We rely on a small device (such as a Raspberry Pi) to report back the temperature and humidity of the humidor and then we provide the analytics and alerting engines here.